Pickup Repairs

Welcome to my repairs page.

I am currently not taking in any guitar or pickup repairs so I can focus on my handwound pickups.  Repairs will continue in the future but for time being my pickups and vintage parts sales will be my main focus.
Sorry for the inconvenience, Dave.

I have been winding pickups since about 2008 and have had the pleasure of repairing a plethora of vintage and modern pickups. The first real big job I had was an original 1946 Rickenbacker horseshoe from a lapsteel and it has only got more exciting from there.

I only use quality winding wire and currently have the following gauges in stock,

– 43 and 42 AWG Heavy Formar for ’50s pickups
– 43 and 42 AWG Plain enamel for ’60s – ’70s pickups
– 44, 43, 42 and 41 AWG Poly for a bright modern tone

I offer quality pickup repairs, rewinds and also pot restorations. Shipping to me is no problem and I offer a prompt turn around.