1980s ESP Navigator Jack Jones single humbucker Stratocaster guard


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A custom single humbucker guard I took of a 1983 JV Contemporary Strat and features a 1980s ESP Jack Jones 11.5k humbucker.  Jack Jones were custom ordered pickups used by ESP and Navigator in the 1980s and are similar in specs to the hex pole MMK45.  This guard might be a custom build so might not be ESP,  it is not USA spaced and you would most likely have to move a few holes to fit your guitar.  The single 250k volume pot looks like it might be the original from the JV I took it off, there is no other wiring included.  It is in relic well played condition with rust on the poles and wear on the guard, there are no pickguard screws included.  The pickup has a nice long lead so it should fit in the neck position of most guitars.  I have flushed and lubed the pot so all you need to do is add a ground and jack wire.


  • 11.5k Jack Jones hex pole humbucker
  • 50mm spacing
  • Long leg pickup
  • 11 hole import spaced 3 ply black guard
  • Single 250k MIJ Fender volume pot
  • No pickguard screws

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Dimensions 42 × 32 × 13 cm


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