1984 Fender Squier JV SST-30 Stratocaster pickup set – Modified


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A set of Fender Japan JV SST-30 ceramic Strat pickups that came out of  Torino Red 1984 JV Squier Strat.  They all have non original leads to the purpose of these is a mystery because the pickup coil tape looks like it has not been touched.  The poles all have patina but I haven’t tried to clean them yet.  The harness is not original and the soldering is pretty average and it works but consider it a bonus.  Comes with new non original parchment pickup covers with new beveled chrome screws and rubber mounts.  New chrome round head screws on the switch but no switch tip.


  • No RWRP middle, ceramic magnets on all pickups
  • Bridge = 5.1k Cold
  • Middle = 5.55k Cold
  • Neck = 5.45k Cold
  • 250k pot with .1uf disc ceramic cap look like modern Fujigen pots
  • Modern DM-50 5-way with no tone control for bridge

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm


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