1990s -2000s Fender Japan Reissue Stratocaster pickup set


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A set of Fender Japan Reissue Strat pickups with original cream covers and screws.  Taken out of an early ’90s custom order fiesta red ’57 reissue but unknown if they were original to that guitar.  Original windings with specs that never really changed since the first edition in the A serial Strats.  They have the original leads so will solder straight back into a Strat with no problems.  They have some patina on the poles and light wear on the covers.  They come with the original screws and springs with patina.

  • RWRP middle with alnico staggered magnets
  • Bridge = 5.75k Cold
  • Middle = 5.79k Cold
  • Neck = 5.81k Cold

Sold as set of 3.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm


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