Bulk pickup cover lot


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A collection of pickup 19 x pickup covers with various brands and sizes.  All have some kind of wear except for the 2 x plastic P90s covers so they would be great for relic builds.  The humbuckers might all be brass covers but there might be some nickel silver in there.  The Strat covers are all import with various sizes, there are no USA spec covers in there.

  • 3 x Gold various sizes (One has slots cut in side for pickup base legs)
  • 2 x Gold 49.2mm matching pair
  • 3 x Chrome (One is a taller vintage with filed out slots for pickup base legs)
  • 1 x 49.2mm nickel
  • 1 x cream dog ear P90 with plastic on
  • 1 x plastic chrome soap bar P90 with plastic on
  • 1 x 49.2mm nickel Humbucker sized P90 heavy relic
  • 7 x Import Strat various sizes

Sold as a complete lot only no splits.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 5 cm


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