Fender style Jazz and P-bass parts lot


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A collection Jazz and P-bass style bass guitar parts all sourced from various lots in Japan some GOTOH and Fujigen but other brands unknown.  All has some kind of wear but the white pickguards both have the plastic still on.  The bridges all have no mounting screws and also no screws for the tuner sets.  Selling as a complete lot only not splits with details below.

  • 1 x set of 4 inline Black GOTOH tuners in good condition with some wear no screws
  • 1 x set of 2×2 Gold GOTOH tuners some wear and crackle on plating no screws
  • 2 x Nickel vintage Fender style tuners with some wear brand unknown come with screws
  • 2 x gold Jazz control plates USA spaced with light wear and fit 1/4 inch USA CTS pots and could possibly be Fender.
  • 1 x Chrome metric Jazz control plate for 6mm diameter pots has a few scratches.
  • 1 x Parchment 3-ply P-Bass style pickguard with truss rod notch DS-120PB on back might be Seymour Duncan it has a longer neck pocket than the black below
  • 1 x Black 3-ply P-bass guard with thumb rest holes also might be Seymour Duncan brand
  • 1 x Parchment Jazz bass guard with plastic still on it
  • 1 x Chrome modern style bass bridge offset saddles might old GOTOH, one bent intonation screws.  No mounting screws and has some rust
  • 1 x Squier style bass bridge
  • 1 x Squier style bridge saddles painted white no saddle screws
  • 1 x Squier bridge incomplete for parts
  • 2 x Bridge bases
  • 2 x Jazz bass cover sets some wear no screws 66mm bridge + 63.5mm neck could be Fujigen
  • 3 x Jazz bass neck covers 63.5mm some wear no screws could be Fujigen
  • 1 x P-bass set brand unknown 29mm spacing no screws

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