Leddin Handwound “Big fat Teles” 8.2k P-90 neck with 9k Classic bridge


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The Big Fat Tele set is a marriage of two of my popular big bangers all in the one set.  The neck is my Vintage ’60s soap bar P-90 and the bridge is my 9k powerhouse Classic Tele bridge.  The neck is reverse wound for hum canceling in the middle position and all 3 positions have very distinctly different tones.  This set has a big bold fat tone and also the bite when you dig in.  A nice full sounding neck for rhythm and a powerful bridge pickup for some bite.  A very versatile out of the box Tele set for those looking for something different.

“Classic” Telecaster bridge pickup

My Classic series bridge has a big clear bright tone with a tight bottom end and it breaks up nice with some drive.  For this pickup I took the standard 50s flat pole design with alnico 3 magnets and have wound it using plain enamel wire.  You can get a nice clean traditional tone as well as a great biting drive, this pickup is very popular.


  • Alnico 3 .195 magnets ’50s flat no stagger
  • 42 AWG dark plain enamel wire
  • Wound to 9k with custom winds available
  • Cloth pull back vintage style wire
  • Choice of black or white string wrap (Please confirm at checkout)
  • Copper plated steel baseplate
  • Wax potted to prevent feedback
  • Stainless screws and rubber mounts

Vintage ’60s P-90 neck:

My “Vintage ’60s” P-90 soap bars are based on the classic ’60s Gibson winds.  I wind my pickups with vintage correct 42 AWG Plain enamel wire and use low gauss alnico 5 magnets.  These pickups have a big deep fat bottom end with a nice clear defined top end.  These pickups break up nice with drive with a big fat tone and have a sharp attack with a heavy pick stroke.  They are suitable for all genres of music from jazz to punk and will not disappoint.  I use a shielded Gibson style braided lead as standard.   I can install a twin core shielded plastic insulated lead for flexibility of phasing with other pickups by request.  I wind my neck units clockwise with south up polarity in line with Gibson and Epiphone pickups, they will noise cancel with my bridge units.


  • 50mm  spacing
  • 42 AWG Plain enamel wire late ’60s wind
  • Wound to 8.2k with hotter winds available RWRP for hum canceling in middle pos
  • Low gauss alnico 5 magnets
  • Shielded Gibson style braided lead    (Twin core plastic insulated wire by request)
  • Choice of black, white or cream covers  (please specify)
  • Chrome mounting screws
  • Wax potted to prevent feedback

Vintage ’60s neck sound clip provided by Stuart Docherty of the Silver Dukes.  Settings JMP 45 clone, modest volume, Ch1, modest Seven witches boost.


The Classic bridge on its own featured first up in the Youtube clip Courtesy of Gord Miller,


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Dimensions 10 x 5 x 5 cm


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