Leddin Handwound “Custom ’50s” Telecaster pickup set – Overwound for a big tone!


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I build these pickups to order with an approximate 3-4 week turnaround after receipt of full payment.  Please contact me prior to purchase for an accurate ETA.

I was approached by Australian guitar legend Tom Shepherd to build a beefier set of pickups for his custom shop Tele and from that encounter the Custom ’50s was born!  Think of a Tele set with a bridge that’s in between my 7.5k N-Caster and my 9k Classic with a neck to match.  A bigger beefier tone with plenty of volume but still able to give you the vintage vibe.

Neck pickup “Custom ’50s”

I slightly overwind this pickup with 43 AWG Plain enamel wire and larger .195 inch alnico 3 magnets.   A little more beef than my N-caster, the alnico 3’s give this pickup some bite on the highs but still retains that warmth and vintage vibe.


  • Available in right and lefthanded
  • Alnico 3 magnets
  • Period correct 43 AWG Plain enamel wire
  • Wound to 7.8k RWRP
  • Cloth pull back vintage style wire
  • Choice of bare nickel, nickel or chrome covers (Please specify)
  • Choice of pickguard or body mount screws  (Please specify)
  • Rubber mounts
  • Wax potted for feedback

Bridge “Custom ’50s”

This pickup is an overwound ’50 style pickup using 42 AWG plain enamel wire on an alnico 3 bobbin.  This pickup has more beef than my N-caster and a little less than my Classic.  It has a big meaty tone but still has the bite when you dig in.  If you are looking steer well clear of the ice pick that some Tele bridges can give than this is your pickup!

  • Available in right and lefthanded
  • Alnico 3 .195 inch magnets ’50s no stagger
  • 42 AWG dark plain enamel wire
  • Wound to 8.5k
  • Cloth pull back vintage style wire
  • Choice of black or white string wrap (Please note string colour at checkout)
  • Copper plated steel baseplate
  • Stainless screws and rubber mounts
  • Wax potted to prevent feedback

A nice video of Tom Shepherd giving the “Custom ’50s” a workout,



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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 5 cm


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