Leddin Handwound loaded Stratocaster pickguards – Custom orders


  • I build these loaded guards to order with a 6 week turnaround after receipt of full payment. 
  • Items listed in stock means I have the parts to build them. 
  • To order please purchase via the website cart and within 6 weeks I will post out your order. 
  • I will contact you within 3 business days to confirm the build specs. 
  • Tone cannot be rushed my friends and I won’t rush to cater for the hasty. 
  • Please contact me prior to purchase for an accurate ETA.

Loaded pickguards with all your favourite Leddin Handwound pickups.  These pickguards are wired using quality components with vintage cloth wire.  I sell my loaded pickguards on an order only basis and they generally require a 7 day manufacturing time.  These pickguards feature Allparts pickguards which will fit a USA/Mex Fender guitar also some Japanese Fenders with a little jiggling.  I price all pickguard jobs on a case by case basis but here are some basic prices.

Basic pricing

  • ’57 Strat vintage style in 1 ply guards with USA fender aluminium control shielding plate.  Available in white, parchment and black = $375.00
  • ’62 Strat vintage style in 3 ply guards available in black and mint = $375.00
  • Standard USA 11 hole 3 ply guards available in white, vintage cream, black and mint = $375.00
  • The fancy stuff in 3 ply cream and white pearloid, red tortoiseshell and brown tortoiseshell = $395.00

Leddin loaded pickguards are ready to drop in with jack and trem leads, they do not include screws.

Standard features

  • Leddin Handwound pickups (Please specify model)
  • Knobs, covers and switchtip
  • Leddin pre-wired harness with CTS pots, Sprague orange drop caps, Oaks Grigsby and vintage cloth wire
  • Allparts pickguards and knobs

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