Leddin Handwound “Roodoo” Stratocaster Loaded pickguard – Hendrix Inspired tone


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Times are busy with my pickups so I build website stock when I can and list them when they are in stock.  If the pickup model you are require is not in stock please contact for an ETA.

The vintage cream example in the picture is no longer available.

I can build these in white, parchment, mint, and black in right handed.  For left- handed I can build them in black, white or parchment.   I can also build them in white pearloid but please contact me for pricing before purchasing.

Roodoo: Hendrix inspired tone
I wind these roughly to ’68 Strat specs with a little more in the bridge. These are essentially a lefthanded pickup for a right handed guitar. The A and B string magnets are swapped around to create this effect. This set has a non reverse wound middle pickup but I will wind the middle pickups reverse for humbucking in position 2 and 4.


  • Alnico 5 reverse staggered magnets (Flat tops)
  • Plain enamel 42AWG wire
  • Non reverse wound middle pickup (Please contact to order RWRP middle)
  • Grey bottom CBS style fiber bobbins
  • Bridge 5.9k, neck and middle 5.75k
  • Black and yellow vintage cloth leads
  • Choice of black, white or aged white covers (Please specify)
  • Choice of beveled or round head stainless screws (Please specify)
  • Wax potted to prevent feedback

Pickguard specs featuring all new USA spec parts and hand soldered by myself with cloth wire,

  • Allparts pickguard with all Allparts covers, tip and knobs
  • Oaks Grigsby 5-way switch with bridge pickup wired into middle pickup tone circuit
  • 250k CTS vintage spec audio pots
  • Orange drop 0.047uf tone capacitor
  • Switchcraft 1/4 inch mono jack included
  • Stainless pickup and switch screws (Pickguard screws not included)
  • Vintage style cloth wire all round
  • 18 cm long jack wires
  • 25 cm long trem claw wire

I have sold bucket loads of these Roodoo sets over the years.  My most memorable customer was Frank from Florida who put his set in a Strat Plus formerly owned by Bill Carson himself!

Here is what Frank had to say about his Roodoos,

“I put them in a Strat Plus that Bill Carson (the original Strat test pilot) gave me.  Later in life I got a koa body for it.  I’ve never played a Strat that sounded like this.  I don’t have the words at my command but it’s something like an aural first kiss”

Here are some sound clips of the Roodoos in action!

Clips courtesy of Yuji Suzuki www.yujisuzuki.com

Bridge Clean

Bridge Overdrive

Bridge and Middle Clean

Bridge and Middle Overdrive

Middle Clean

Middle Overdrive

Neck and Middle Clean

Neck and Middle Overdrive

Neck Clean

Neck Overdrive



Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 cm


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