Leddin Handwound “Vintage Formvar” Stratocaster – Warm ’50s tone

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Times are busy with my pickups so I build website stock when I can and list them when they are in stock.  If the pickup model you are require is not in stock please contact for an ETA.

I wind these pickups to the same specs of a 1959 Strat I sold a few years ago. I use the 42AWG Formvar to nail the pre CBS tone. They have a vintage stagger magnet height which best suited for 7.25 inch radius vintage necks. I will do custom winds either lower or higher but I don’t like to wind the neck past 6.1k or the middle past 6.2k, 6.5k is the maximum I like to wind the bridge pickup. This set has a non reverse wound middle pickup but I will wind the middle pickups reverse for humbucking in position 2 and 4.


  • Available in right and lefthanded
  • Alnico 5 vintage staggered magnets (Flat tops)
  • 42 AWG Formvar wire
  • Non reverse wound middle pickup (Please contact to order RWRP)
  • Black fiber bobbins
  • Bridge 6.4k, middle 6.2k and neck 6k
  • Black and white vintage cloth wire
  • Choice of black, white or aged white covers (Please specify)
  • Choice of beveled or round head screws (Please specify)
  • Wax potted to prevent feedback

$279 for a calibrated set of 3.

Sound clips courtesy of Brian Hughes

Bridge Clean

Bridge Overdrive

Bridge and Middle Clean

Bridge and Middle Overdrive

Middle Clean

Middle Overdrive

Neck and Middle clean

Neck and Middle Overdrive

Neck Clean

Neck Overdrive



Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 cm

3 reviews for Leddin Handwound “Vintage Formvar” Stratocaster – Warm ’50s tone

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I had Dave wind me a formvar set for my 76 strat which had a set of lace sensors put in it during the 90’s, horrible times.
    Dave’s pickups sound fantastic and have made the guitar infinitely better. No ice pick highs, very lively and useable over all 5 positions, which i find rare with strats. Cheers.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Garry Searle

    Once again Dave has come to my rescue and wound for me on my request a middle RWRP Formvar pickup and he excellently blended the pickup to suit a Fender 57/62 in the bridge and a Fender Fat Fifties in the neck, I dont usually play the middle pickup but his unique pickup winding skill has provided me with an excellent no ice pick or mud just right middle pickup whether clean or overdriven and the guitar sounds GREAT in all 5 positions. Now I have a problem Im gunna have to buy the other 2 pickups to complete the set. Good stuff thanks again Dave always a pleasure to do business with you

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have Dave’s 50’s pickups in both my strats and they’re easily the sweetest, most dynamic pickups I’ve ever heard. I would use the word “perfect” to describe Dave’s pickups. Dave is a pleasure to do business with as well.

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