Pickup rewinds



Sorry I am not currently taking in any pickup repairs so please no repair enquiries thanks.

Most pickups can be rewound but I steer clear of pickups without bobbins such as Burns and Framus and anything that is epoxy potted.  I can’t repair stacked humbuckers, noiseless single coils, Lace Sensors or  EMGs.  It takes twice as long to rewind a pickup than to build one from scratch hence my pricing.  Some pickups are not worth repairing but vintage or the rare and obscure are definitely worth repairing.  Please review the pricing below and contact me via the enquiry button to arrange a repair

Pricing per pickup or coil,

  • Strat simple strip and rewind = $60
  • Strat and P-bass rusted poles (Dismantle bobbin clean poles and reglue included) = $90
  • Tele Neck or Bridge strip and rewind = $70
  • Tele both styles rusted poles (Dismantle bobbin clean poles and reglue included) = $100
  • Jazzmasters = $100
  • Jazz, P-bass and most single coil bass pickups = $70
  • P-90s = $80
  • Humbucker one coil = $50
  • Humbucker both coils = $80
  • Rickenbackers = $80
  • Maxons = $70


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