Vintage Japanese humbucker lot of 4 Yamaha Fujigen Fernandes


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A lot of 4 well loved 1980s-1990s Japanese humbuckers all have significant wear.  They are mostly fairly spicy in output 11.38-13.9k with one 7.25k.  Mixed bag of brands but all were sourced direct from Japan in various parts lots.  Sold as full lot of 4 only with details below.

  • Yamaha PAF style possibly 50mm pole spacing 12.7k cold with single conductor lead 24.5cm to ground and 26.5cm to hot lead.  Short leg base with no screws or springs.
  • Heavy relic PAF style in low profile mount brand unknown but possibly a Super Strat bridge. 49.2mm pole spacing coil tap 11.38k and 5.65k coil tap measured cold.  15cm long Twin core PVC insulated lead, no screws for mount
  • Neck position Hex pole brand unknown 50mm spacing 13.9k cold with a thick core 42cm long lead.  Short leg base with relic gold screws but no springs.
  • Black hex pole 50mm pole spacing 7.25k cold with 28cm long single conductor lead.  Long leg base with no screws/springs

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Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 cm


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