About us

My name is Dave Leddin and I have always been passionate about guitars.  As a teenager I was always modding and pulling apart my guitars and I even built my first pickup out of telephone speaker parts.  I wish I knew where that old pickup was and maybe it will turn up in Dad’s shed one day.

In 2008 I opened a small vintage guitar and pickup building workshop called Dave’s Vintage Guitars in Vancouver Canada.  I was fortunate in Vancouver where vintage guitars flow like wine and I worked on and sold a plethora of beautiful instruments.  I moved back to Australia in 2014 and set up Leddin Vintage Guitars to tie my pickup name in.  I run a small humble little workshop in Brisbane and I am always finding new parts to add to my stock.

I run the workshop on an appointment only basis and I do open my doors for direct parts sales.  I do dabble in the vintage guitar market but these days my handwound pickups are my main focus.  To make an appointment please visit my contact us page.


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