1960s Schaller pickup pair Hofner Hopf Hoyer Framus Klira Ovation 7.43k + 7.37k


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A pair of 1960s Schaller built pickups exact make and model unknown but this type of pickup was used in many German made guitars, Japanese guitars and also Ovation Tornado’s.  Brands to use this type of pickup include Hofner, Hoyer, Hopf, Framus, Klira and Ovation.  Both pickups are working but the mounted one has no cover and is not glued to the mount,  this is best done when the cover is on to line up the poles.  If you have a dead pickup this would be a great option over a rewind since these are floating coils and a bugger to rewind.  The covered pickup looks like the mounting holes have been drilled out 1/2mm for use as a surface mount,  the mount is brass so tapping new holes would be simple.

Specs Mounted unit,

  • 7.43k
  • Single core lead = 24cm ground + 25 to hot
  • Mount dimensions = 117 x 37mm
  • Mount holes Length = 96.5mm centre to centre
  • Mount holes width = 27.5mm centre to centre
  • Mount screw diameter = 3mm
  • Curved mount for archtop

Specs Covered unit,

  • 7.37k
  • Single core lead = 8cm
  • Cover dimensions = L72mm x W27mm x H18mm
  • Screw holes = 3.5mm approx
  • Base length = 92mm

Please contact for more pics.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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