Vintage Matsumoku MMK45 Hex pole Strat neck 5.52k, 52mm spacing

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A vintage Matsumoku MMK45 Hex pole Strat neck pickup as found in a bunch Matsumoku built guitars such as Aria Pro II and also Fernandes.  It reads 5.52k on the meter with 27cm long twisted leads and 52mm pole spacing.  It has some patina on the poles and some wear on the cover with a few scratches.  These pickups have a big bold tone kind of like a lower output Dimarzio SDS-1 and make great punchy bridge pickups.  It is 26mm deep so might require a deeper pickup cavity.  It comes with the original screws and springs.


  • 5.52k dual ceramic magnets
  • 52mm pole spacing
  • 27cm long twisted leads
  • 26mm deep

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


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