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A collection of dead vintage pickups mainly Japanese with a few Korean thrown in.  I have gone through them and some still have live coils and others need repair.  Some will might be easy and a simple strip back of the tape and solder on the coil end might fix them.  A great bunch for the novice pickup tinker or a repair shop.  Full details of each below, selling as a complete lot only will not split.

  • 1 x 1980s MIJ Fernandes Dog fighter blade humbucker only one coil needs repair other good
  • 1 x Ibanez PAF style only one coil needs reopair other good
  • 1 x Zebra model unknown has sticker LP-B/C(F) on base needs full repair on both coils
  • 1 x Pair of miss matched MIJ Fernandes Voodoo style large hex pole Humbuckers.  1 x pickup has one coil that needs repair other good, the other pickup has two dead coils
  • 1 x Custom built base humbucker one coil live other needs repair
  • 1 x Ceramic Jazz bass pickup brand unknown dead coil
  • 1 x MMK P-bass pickup might be Aria Pro one coil live other needs repair
  • 1  x Bill Lawrence Tele neck pickup needs repair
  • 1 x Fresher Strat bridge pickup needs repair
  • 2 x Jag style pickups one from Korea needs repair the other missing  pole piece
  • 1 x Large pole 1/4 pounder style Strat pickup reads 7.15k needs leads and a magnet on base, ceramic provided is a little small but might work
  • 1 x Humbucker coil good for parts

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