1966 Fender Telecaster bridge pickup – Rebuild


NOT FOR SALE – Repair example

I was sent this dead ’66 Tele pickup to fix by a nice bloke in Sweden named Henry.  The string was missing and the earth end of the coil snapped right off so it needed a rewind.  After stripping it back I found heavy rust on the poles so it needed to be stripped right down and given the full Leddin treatment.  I cleaned off the poles and rebuilt the bobbin complete with the original curve.  I also took a photo of the poles in the original position so I could put them all back in the same place.  I rewound the pickup with 42 AWG to about 6.15k for the real country twang these ’66s are famous for.  Henry also sent a vintage ’60s Tele neck that needed a wax bath and they complemented each other well.  Another a cool vintage pickup rebuild and this the 2nd ’66 Tele bridge I have rebuilt.  The D poles in this era were fairly tall and this one was a good example of that.



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