A serial MIJ ’50s Tele – Rebuild


Steven brought in his Dad’s old MIJ Tele that he bought back in ’91.  The guitar had a lot of sentimental value but needed a good once over,  new pickups and some wiring issues fixed up.  Steven brought in a set of Texas Specials with a dead neck pickup that needed a rewind so he came to right guy.  The original pickups were intact but measured around 6k each and sounded pretty weak.  The jack also needed replacing and the switch was on the blink so I installed the new jack also a 4-way switch mod.  I had to convert the neck pickup and run the separate ground wire and this mod can be viewed on my “Guitar repairs” page.  All of the saddle intonation screws were bent and needed replacing as well.  After the pickup rewind and wiring mods the set up went like a dream and those Texas Specials had some bite!  The guitar was a pleasure to play and it was hard to give it back!

It was great to get this old Tele up and running and playing like it should and this kind of stuff is what I live for!


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