Keith Richards Style Telecaster – Custom Pickup build


Adelaide guitarist Gary contacted me with a challenge, he had a Keith Richards project and needed some pickups!  Gary commissioned me to build a 10k Keefer style Tele bridge pickup with a matching bare nickel covered PAF style pickup to mounted in the neck backwards like Keith’s.  He also needed a 4 way harness and the this project was right up my alley!

I wound the bridge pickup to 10k with 43 AWG plain enamel like the old Fender Lap steel pickups and aged the poles.  For the neck I wound a nice 7.3k PAF spec humbucker with a 4 conductor lead for the 4-way option and put on a bare nickel cover.

The job went off without a hitch and the finished guitar looks great!  Gary’s request for aged poles has prompted me to do a line of relic pickups.



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