1972 Fender Telecaster rebuild


A very good client of mine Jock from Vancouver brought in his much loved and much modded ’72 Tele.  The guitar had been modded by the late Attila Balogh who built Odyssey Guitars in the ’70s.  By the time Jock brought it in both pickups had died and were pieces in a box and the wiring was a mess.  The pickups were both T-Top Gibsons and fortunately the coils were intact and I just had to resolder the leads and re-tape them. The paper tape Gibson used in the ’60s -’70s degrades and simply falls off and I have repaired quite a few T-Tops like this.  I wiring issue was easy enough to fix and after a set up this guitar played like a race car.  John came and picked it up and almost cried then he played a 10 minute long solo that almost made me cry.  This was a great job and probably one of my favourites.


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