Custom relic LP Junior – Leddin P-90 bridge pickup



Kevin bought one of my Les Paul junior P-90 bridge pickups and put it in this sweet custom made relic Junior.  He was very happy with the results and was kind enough to send through a review.

” I just wanted to say thanks for a great P 90 and to let people know about them . I have 3 guitars with “boutique ” hand wound P-90’s they are all different to a degree . Years ago back in the Guitar Crazy days of Coogee Bay rd I took a single cut LP JR fitted with an American made hand wound P-90. It sounded really good , I was pretty pleased with the guitar . The guys grabbed a early LP JR double cut for comparison. It was crazy good, full of raw uncompressed notes fit for a 70’s punk band . The Leddin P-90 is that sound to a T , raw , lively , great tone and exciting to play. Pickups can be a bit hit and miss but if you are looking for a P-90 for rock this is it. The design and fabrication and presentation is also first class , congrats for that as well”



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