1968 Gibson SG Special pickup replacement


Kirk a laid back hippy from California called me a with an SG that he described as a bit of a mess.  When Kirk brought this guitar in I was amazed when I opened the case.  The mess was actually a fairly decent semi original ’68 SG Special with an original pat # Gibson mini humbucker in the bridge.  It had been refretted for jumbos but other than that this guitar was original.  Fortunately the original P-90 was in the case and no body mods had been made to fit it.  The pickup installer had manufactured mounts for it work and it was a clean job.  I installed the pickup and gave it a clean up and it ended up being one of the coolest guitars I had through the shop.  Kirk decided to sell it as it had sat under the bed for long time and it can be seen on my sold guitars page.  This guitar nearly ended up in my collection.  The tone from those P-90s were to die for and they form the basis for my P-90 winds.


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