Custom Firebird pickup for Weissonborn


Stuart from the Silver Dukes contacted me to build a pickup for his Weissonborn and I had just the idea.  I had acquired a bunch of used bare nickel covered Firebird kits with alnico 2 magnets.   Stuart wanted a pickup with clarity and punch and the mini humbucker sized Firebird would do it.  I wound the coils with 42 AWG Poly wire for a 6.5k pickup and charged the alnico 2 magnets up as strong as I could.  I ran the pickup through my test guitar “The Beast II” and played around with the magnets a little to tune it in.  Stuart mounted the pickup in the sound hole of his Weissonborn and was generous enough to record a clip and send me a pic.  We were both very happy with the result.

The pickup in action,


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