1975 Fender Telecaster Custom bridge pickup – Rebuild

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I thought I had seen it all until this ’75 Tele Custom bridge pickup came in.  It was weak and thin and I suspected it was short deep inside the coil or open.  I took it out and it was dead on the meter but wasn’t until I opened it up that I found something more sinister.   I thought with all that rust on the poles it was the typical Queensland rusted out pole scenario but in fact the low E pole was snapped right off.  It looked like it had suffered some severe blunt force trauma!  I dissmantled the pickup completely and cleaned off the rust and then put in an old pole I had lying around and we were good as gold again!  I rewound it to vintage specs with 42 AWG Plain enamel but I couldn’t save the string it was bashed up right on the low E side surprise surprise.  I put the home made galvanized zinc baseplate back on and gave it a good wax bath.  It came back together well and this definately a first for me.


1 review for 1975 Fender Telecaster Custom bridge pickup – Rebuild

  1. Dennis

    Great job on this one Dave. Sounds super crisp now. It used to sound like a wet blanket, now it’s got that beautiful Tele chime !! Dennis

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