1980s G&L ASAT pickup rewind


NOT FOR SALE – Repair example

This set of ’80s G&L ASAT pickups came in with a broken neck pickup.   The original coils were spilling out over the sides and the neck had been pinched a few times by the cover and had a few breaks.   The bridge pickup to be honest sounded way too bright and thin so the client decided to have both rewound.  The original winding for the live bridge was 5.75k and looked like it was done with 42 AWG plain enamel.   I decided to use 43 AWG plain enamel for a fatter tone and was able to keep both coils inside the safety zone for the covers.  I wound the neck to 6.7k  and the bridge to 7.7k off the winder.  This overwind gave both pickups a much fatter and fuller tone similar to a P-90.


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