1966 Maton Mastersound Bass bridge pickup rewind


NOT FOR SALE – Repair example

This ’66 Maton Mastersound Bass bridge pickup came in for repair with no output.  After carefully peeling back the tape I found that the hot lead had been wrapped straight onto the unprotected coil and it had sunken inside.  There were numerous broken coils ends running off in all directions and none had an output so this pickup was a candidate for a rewind.  The working neck pickup was pretty hot at 9.5k so we decided to wind the bridge to 10.5k.  That’s a lot of wire for what is basically a coil similar in size to a tall Strat pickup.  I used 43 AWG Formvar which looked a dead set match for the original wire and it was the perfect choice.  After I finished my coil I wrapped it in modern black paper tape for stability and then  ran the old stiff yellow masking tape over the top for originality.  I put some paper tape over the poles to prevent feedback against the cover and gave it a wax bath.  The client was very happy and it was one of my favourite jobs to date.


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