1975 Greco Widerange Humbucker – Repair


NOT FOR SALE – Repair example

I was fortune enough to be able to repair this 1975 Greco Widerange pickup from a Telecaster Deluxe.  They are not really Wideranges as such since they have tall thin coils.  They compensate for not having the wider coils by their high output of 12.6k to get that fat tone.

I was lucky and was able to repair this one with the original windings intact.  These old Maxons usually break at the lead connections to the coil.  The solder joints break down due to age or corrosion and they simply break. One theory is that the heat of the initial soldering job melts back the insulation of the coil wire exposing copper to the elements.
I was able to repair this pickup and wrap it back up with the original tape and it in the end no one would even know I was there.  I also freed up all of the poles which were glued down so now its fully adjustable.


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