Bulk guitar parts lot pickguards, tuners, misc electronics, hardware and covers


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A bulk collection of guitar parts mainly sourced from Japan in various parts lots. All and crusty with wear and patina details below. Sold as complete lot with everything in the pics will not split.

  • 1 x Pearloid red USA spaced Strat guard the top clear is either funky and lifting or the plastic protector is melted done hard but it looks unused.
  • 1 X Funky Strat guard with mini switches and retro knobs can’t guarantee any of the wiring but I have readings on neck and middle and the bridge a short so there is fault somewhere probably the joiner wire.
  • 1 x HSH 3 ply guard actually came on a 1983 JV Strat but obviously not original and might be MIJ of some type
  • 1 x Yellowed Strat guard brand unknown for 22 fret neck with import screw spacing
  • 1 x Broken Tele guard might be Squier, chip out of back top
  • 5 x Strat trem covers various spacing brands unknown
  • 6 x Strat tips import switch various sizes
  • 4 x Strat covers same type different shades
  • 3 x Strat covers loose various spacing 1 x Set of black strap buttons and one loose 1970s fresher
  • 5 x Kluson style tuners loose string shafts no screws or bushings
  • 5 x Ping 6 inline sealed tuners 6 x Gold 3×3 tuners, 3 with ebony buttons and 3 are missing
  • 5 x Chrome 6 inline pressed metal backs 1 missing button
  • 4 x P-90 soap bar covers 50mm spacing 2 x Jacks untested
  • 1 x Pot wiring harness untested
  • 1 x 3-way MIJ or MIK lever switch untested

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