Lefty USA Fender Stratocaster – Cream Leddin Burtbucker Humbuckers


Brisbane Guitarist Chris Burt from the band Sensaii commissioned me to design a hot set of humbuckers for his black lefty USA Strat.  I had already built him a ripper cream bobbin hot neck pickup for his Les Paul we called “The Burtbucker”.  The bridge needed to be a 53mm spaced unit with a little spice.  I used the same wire and wind count as my “Mr Crunchy” bridge pickup but with the wider bobbin I was able to get this pickup to 14.4k with 43 AWG red poly wire.  Both pickups are wound with red poly and alnico 5 magnets.  The neck is 9.7k with 42 AWG wire which is very fat and the bridge 14.4k with plenty of crunch!  So the Burtbucker matched set was born and I guess the rest will be history!



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