Modern Japanese Les Paul bulk parts lot Tokai GOTOH Gibson

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A collection of more modern Japanese guitar parts sourced from Japan, some might be 1980s.  The tail pieces are Tokai and GOTOH there is a new TUSQ nut and the guard and truss rod cover might be Gibson.  The rest of the parts are all Japanese from various manufacturers and all of the knobs are for metric Asian pots only and will not fit US CTS splines.  Most this is in good condition with some wear and look at home on most guitars.  Sold as a complete lot only with no splits, details below.

  • 1 x Gold GOTOH tail piece very light might alloy or Aluminium comes with clean USA Gibson thread studs
  • 1 x Nickel Tokai tail piece with 2 x sets of clean studs one MIJ metric thread the other USA Gibson thread
  • 1 x Chrome Tokai tail piece no mounting studs
  • 1 x Chrome MIJ tail piece nice mass brand unknown no studs
  • 1 x Set of nickel GOTOH keystone tuners might be from a Tokai, nickel is aged.  I tuner shaft slightly bent and one of the backs has been off another.  They come with the original bushings and a full set of screws not original
  • 3 x GOTOH keystone tuners 2 x bass + 1 treble side newer GOTOH bushings and non original screws
  • 1 x Cream pickguard fits GIBSON USA so might be Gibson, no screws or mount with some wear
  • 1 x set of 4 Black speed knobs
  • 1 x set of 4 Gold speed knobs
  • 3 x Black speed knobs with a small point on top
  • 3 x Black speed knobs flat tops
  • 2 x Black bell knobs
  • 1 x Back reflector knob
  • 1 x Gold bell knob
  • 1 x Standard logo truss rod cover might be Gibson?
  • 1 x Black metal ’50s style truss rod cover brand unknown
  • 1 x Black Graptech TUSQ XL PT-6060-00 for Epiphone new, I have used these on MIJ guitars
  • 1 x set of Black curved base humbucker mounts RG 4 on bridge and RD 2 on base of neck
  • 1 x set of chrome bridge base posts with bushings 6mm post diameter
  • 1 x Cream Gibson style jack plate

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